Maldives--My Heaven

According to the legend, Maldives is because of the greenhouse effects of the earth, like ancient city of Pompeii in a century soon. Disappear, flood it in the blue sea. Like this beautiful beautiful scenery, how to miss at this point?

Maldives MALDIVES, the word comes from India gentle MALODHEEP, is a meaning of the garland, group spreads the sea like the garland of bunch in the island. Close to the island group the plane, mood of spending holidays scatters gradually, is looked down at the sea surface in the Indian Ocean by the sky, the eyes are glittering, is the small archipelago that spreads all over the place, the sea wind with characterized tropical zone is oozed in the air, leisurely and leisure that can be smelt. Green in the middle of island, white all around, nearly island of seas shallow a transparent one blue, it is slightly far of course, farther sea is bluer. There is color of layer gradually in the Maldivian sea water, such beautiful beautiful scenery, make people have a little ...... At a loss!
by daiqianwen | 2008-05-05 12:20